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Time for two

Just being there for the other one. Time to spend with your partner. To give them your undivided attention. Here, it is possible to enjoy a wonderful time for two with a magical arrangement!

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In the footsteps of Kasimir

Does he really exist? Our castle spirit Kasimir? Most certainly, we say. And if you don't expect it at all, you may see him at some point. A few people have even caught sight of him. He is said to be a friendly spirit who likes to show you his homeland - but only at night. Experience a 45-minute night walk through the castle and marvel at the stories that have taken place here. Together with an atmospheric stop at the Castle Tavern, you will have an unforgettable experience at Harburg Castle.

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Knight's Meal

Were they the good old days? Or perhaps not? We're not sure. However, we do know that even back then, people liked to eat and drink. Not with a knife, fork or spoon, but rather with their hands and simpler tools. But even at the time, these were excellent and plentiful. So we invite you to a convivial, medieval meal with delicacies like in the old days, an original mead, a good dark beer and some surprises from the kitchen.

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