Enjoy the idyll

Hiking & fairytale trail

On a short, wild and romantic tour around the castle and in the idyllic area of Harburg, you will encounter lovingly constructed scenes from famous fairytales every few metres. In the fairytale forest, you will find Little Red Riding Hood or Sleeping Beauty, and Rapunzel awaits her release at the castle. Absolutely delightful - and not just for children!


On the way along the old "Bockstrasse", right at the foot of the castle, you will pass the former Jewish cemetery at the edge of the Hühnerberg forest. The trail continues via the Rieskrater Planetenweg to the viewing platform of the Pluto station with a wonderful view of the Nördlinger Ries. You will reach the summit cross via a heath which is typical for the Ries area. After the "descent", the hiking trail leads you to Eisbrunn, and you can get some refreshements in the well-signposted Eisbrunn Forest Tavern, after having completed about 1 hour of the hike. The path back leads along the edge of the forest, through the Edelmannstal valley and finally on a dirt road that goes directly to the Harburg.

Enjoy the idyll


The history of the castle dates back to the 11th century. The Harburg Royal Cultural Foundation ensures the following for future generations:


• Preservation of the castle complex
• Processing of the history of what has previously occured

• Refurbishment and renovation of the premises


We who are currently living can take pleasure in this. We recommend visiting a CASTLE TOUR. A tour through the mighty castle complex takes you through the castle church, via the water tower to the wall walk, past numerous loopholes - with the "wooden eyes", towers and alcoves - the courtroom, the castle keeps from the Staufer era, the Prince's Hall and the Prince's Building. Duration: 60 minutes (castle tour every hour).

More information can be found under Castle Harburg Guided Tours