The history of our castle complex

The Harburg on the romantic road is one of the largest, oldest and best-preserved castles in southern Germany and sits enthroned above the town of the same name, Harburg an der Wörnitz. The history of the Harburg can be traced back to the year 1150, that is to say, to a time when the ways of life differed from today in many ways. And yet a piece of these past epochs has been preserved in the Harburg. A tour of the former imperial castle from the Staufer era still provides impressive insights into a long past time. The Harburg has been associated with the House of Oettingen for over 700 years. The Harburg survived numerous sieges, battles and wars. It once served rulers as a residence and government seat; prominent imperial and royal figures were welcomed.

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Preserving the castle complex

Entrance to the unique castle complex

The history of the castle dates back to the year 1150. It is one of the largest, oldest and best-preserved castle complexes in southern Germany. It is a unique cultural and historical heritage worth preserving. The non-profit Prince of Oettingen-Wallerstein Cultural Foundation is responsible, among other things, for:


• Maintaining the condition of the castle complex

• The historical processing of the 900 years of castle history

• Refurbishment and renovation of the entire castle complex


We who are currently living can take pleasure in the good condition of the castle. Therefore, a small entrance fee is a valuable contribution to preserving this magnificent castle complex for future generations.


Opening hours of the castle grounds:

Monday - Sunday: 10 am - 5 pm