Royally, gallantly or socially

Celebrating in a dreamlike ambience

What could be better than to exchange vows in a dreamlike ambience, with the marriage registrar on site, a small castle church next door and the family accommodated courteously on site.


What could be better than to celebrate his anniversary, his birthday, his company celebration in a castle that leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to facilities, accommodation or meals. Royally, gallantly or just socially - everything is possible.

Prince's Hall

Get me a hall for imperial receptions. That's the general tenor of what Prince Albert Ernst II of Oettingen-Wallerstein asked of his builders when the construction of the "Great Hall" in the Harburg began in 1717. Not only then, but also today, large and small events take place in the Harburg Ceremonial Hall. Let your celebration become a royal feast. Whether for weddings, birthdays, dinners or concerts, the baroque hall offers a stately ambience for almost every occasion.

Knights' Hall

In medieval times, the horses were housed here in the so-called Marshall Stables. Today, it is a wonderful, large hall (about 400 qm) with beautiful, historic arched ceilings, decorated with utensils from the age of chivalry knights and a traditional fireplace. The hall is also heatable and furnished with beautiful, dark, solid square tables. A particularly beautiful table decorated with inlays was brought personally by his Serene Highness Prince Moritz to Oettingen-Wallerstein as a good-luck charm for the new lease takeover.

Hunter's Room

Hunting trophies dominate the space and traces of medieval existence.

Very cosy and suitable for smaller groups. Pleasantly warm with our tiled stove and wood to stoke the fire. We are happy to close our Hunter's Room for your event so that you can celebrate undisturbed.


The terrace of the Royal Castle Tavern is a wonderful place. Located on the right-hand side of the courtyard, the terrace offers both shady and sunny spots. Completely quiet, protected from the wind and surrounded by historic castle walls, this is a unique place with a fantastic backdrop. It is surely one of the most beautiful places in the whole country.

Beer garden

The historic beer garden is opposite the Castle Tavern . Equipped with a convenient catering hut, up to 250 people can celebrate outdoors. Whether with beer tent sets or our tables, it is a wonderful place to spend time and enjoy. In the hut, fresh Wallerstein beer, fridges, ice chests and shelves make it an easy task to host your event.


It is also possible to rent the entire courtyard for your event. It is not entirely level, but it offers a dreamlike ambience for your event. The capacity for concert seating is approx. 1,500 people or approx. 2,000 m2.

Exchange vows


"Anyone who doesn't marry here only has themselves to blame" - no, seriously. There is not a more beautiful or suitable place than the Harburg Castle to exchange vows. You can marry royally at round tables in the Prince's Hall with a champagne reception outside or in the lower foyer; an ecclesiastical wedding ceremony in our castle church; a civil wedding ceremony in our wedding hall at Harburg Castle; you can hold an open-air wedding ceremony in the courtyard, park or beer garden with standing tables outside, coffee and cake; or you can also marry at ground level in our beautiful Knights' Hall at large, square tables with a dance floor, music and everything your heart desires.


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